ALGLIB Trademark Usage Policy

0 Introduction

This document outlines the policy of the ALGLIB Project regarding the use of its trademarks.

"ALGLIB" is a trademark of the ALGLIB Project registered under the Madrid Protocol/Agreement. All trademarks, even those that apply to open source software, must be used according to certain legal requirements. If these requirements are not met, the trademark may be endangered or lost. One of these requirements is for the trademark owner to maintain standards for using its trademarks, and to enforce acceptable use of the trademarks by taking action against parties that violate those standards.

Trademark law is a way to protect both the trademark holder and the public. This means that uses of trademarks that confuse consumers are not permitted under law. Trademark law allows our users to be sure that we are the source of the products that bear the trademark.

Underlying ALGLIB trademark policy is a set of guidelines for what is - and is not - acceptable use of ALGLIB Project's trademarks. This policy describes the uses generally approved by ALGLIB Project for its trademarks. However, if you violate this policy, or otherwise take actions that are considered confusing/abusive by ALGLIB Project, we may require you to cease all use of any ALGLIB trademark, regardless of the uses allowed in this policy.

1 Uses that Never Require Approval

All trademarks are subject to "nominative use rules" that allow use of the trademark to name the trademarked entity in a way that is minimal and does not imply a sponsorship relationship with the trademark holder. As such, stating that software is written using ALGLIB, is a wrapper for ALGLIB, is compatible in some way with ALGLIB, is always allowed. This is true both for non-commercial and commercial uses.

You can use word mark "ALGLIB" when you distribute original, unmodified ALGLIB sources. I.e. if for some reason you want to redistribute ALGLIB source from your site (or to include it into your repository), you can use "ALGLIB" in the name of the archive.

2 Uses that Always Require Approval

Generally, all uses not covered by [1] are always require approval. In particular, any use of the trademarks in product or company names must be approved first by the ALGLIB Project. Some uses, like calling a company "ALGLIB consulting" or a product "Another ALGLIB" will be refused.

In case you've made modifications to ALGLIB and want to use "ALGLIB" word mark in the modified distribution name, you should contact us and ask for approval. We will review your application and, in case your modifications do not break package functionality, will give you permission to use word mark "ALGLIB".

3 License for this Policy

This Policy is based on the similar policy published by Python Software Foundation (PSF) under Creative Commons CC0 license. Following original publisher, we release ALGLIB Trademark Usage Policy under Creative Commons CC0 license too.