About Us

ALGLIB Project is the company which develops and supports ALGLIB. Although we are registered as for-profit organization, we see our mission as more than just maximizing our revenue. Our goal is to make industrial quality numerical codes accessible to both commercial and academic/research worlds. We believe that it is important to give scientific community free access to high quality numerical library.

Our business model is built around openness:

Contact Information

Company ALGLIB Project
Company form Sole proprietorship
Proprietor Bochkanov Sergey Anatolyevich,
ITN/INN 526209956589
Legal address Poltavskaya street, 16, k.7,
603024 Nizhny Novgorod,
Russian Federation
Contact address Nesterova street, 9, room 803A
603006, Nizhny Novgorod,
Russian Federation
E-mail sergey.bochkanov at alglib.net
Phone +7 951 9156255 (Russian Federation, UTC +3)

Contact Us

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