ALGLIB documentation overview

ALGLIB includes two kinds of documentation: ALGLIB Reference Manual and ALGLIB User Guide:

ALGLIB User Guide online

Dense and sparse linear solvers
Matrix operations and decompositions
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Interpolation and fitting

Optimization (nonlinear and quadratic)

FFT, convolution, correlation

Data analysis: classification, regression, other tasks
Time series analysis
Statistics: general algorithms
Hypothesis testing

Other algorithms

Special functions
Numerical integration
Nonlinear and polynomial equations
Differential equations
Other articles

1. ALGLIB User Guide is licensed for personal use only. See ALGLIB Reference Manual for a free documentation under BSD-like license
2. You may read the Guide and make unlimited copies for personal use.
3. Any other kinds of using the Guide, specifically, sales or any other commercial use, distribution on any material media, through computer networks or any other ways, are prohibited.

ALGLIB Reference Manual

ALGLIB Reference Manual is licensed under permissive BSD-like documentation license. ALGLIB Reference Manual is included into ALGLIB distribution. However, if you want, you can access online version of the manual: