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ALGLIB Free Edition

Free Edition of ALGLIB is targeted at scientists, researchers and engineers who do not want to buy commercial license. It is delivered for free under GPL 2+ terms and offers full set of functionality - same as in commercial edition of ALGLIB. However, there are two important limitations in the Free Edition of ALGLIB.

First limitation is performance. Free Edition does not include multithreading functionality, low level optimizations, C# interface to native core and integration with Intel MKL. It is good on small and medium-scale computational problems, but may be too slow on large-scale ones.

Second limitation is license. GPL license, which is used by Free Edition of ALGLIB, is not good for most commercial applications. Basically, it means that you a) must distribute your program along with source code and b) can not restrict your users from copying your program, reselling copies or distributing them for free.

Here is table which compares ALGLIB editions:

  Free Edition Commercial Edition
License GPL 2+ Commercial
Functionality Same
Portability x86, x64, ARM.
Windows, Unix-like.
User can see/modify source code Yes
C# performance Single-threaded.
Pure C# computational core.
Managed and native cores.
Intel MKL (optional).
C++ performance Single-threaded.
Generic C++ code.
SIMD support (on x86/x64).
Intel MKL (optional).
Commercial applications No Yes
Target audience Open source developers.
Medium-scale problems.
Commercial users.
Large-scale problems.
Price Free Price list

If you are satisfied by both performance and license of the Free Edition, you can download and start using it right now (see downloads section below). However, if you need better performance or commercial license, you may consider buying Commercial Edition.

Download ALGLIB Free Edition

3.x branch
Change Log
alglib-3.11.0.cpp.gpl          zip   tgz          C++ version
alglib-3.11.0.csharp.gpl          zip   tgz          C# version ( + VB.NET and IronPython wrappers)
alglib-3.11.0.cpython.gpl          zip   tgz          CPython wrapper for C++ version (can be used from Python 2.x and 3.x)
pre-3.x releases
Pre-3.x releases are not compatible with 3.x branch;
however, they will be there for languages which were not ported to 3.x yet   Multiple precision version (MPFR)   FreePascal version   Delphi version   VBA version
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