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ALGLIB Commercial Edition

Commercial Edition of ALGLIB is targeted at commercial users:
a) developers of closed source programs who need commercial-friendly license
b) researchers who solve large-scale computational problems and need high-performance solution
c) large companies which are ready to pay for support and warranties.

Commercial Edition includes following improvements which are not present in Free Edition:

Of course, Commercial Edition still retains distinctive features of the free one:

Most commercial users are interested in the license without copyleft requirement. We provide you one (ALGLIB license agreement) which:

You can buy commercial license for one of the following products:

We offer you several licenses. Smallest companies may find out that their needs are completely satisfied with 1-dev and 3-dev licenses. These licenses allow you to use our software by no more than 1 or 3 developers working in same company. Next step is to apply for a company-wide license, which is tied to a company and has no limitations on the number of developers working with ALGLIB.

All licenses include one year of free technical support: upgrades and technical consultations (by e-mail). After this you need to buy additional year of support to receive updates/consultations.

Free 30-day trial
If you want to evaluate ALGLIB Commercial Edition before buying, you may submit request for free 30-day trial. Trial version is fully functional within this 30-day period, however it should be used only for evaluation of the product.

Developer-based license Commercial license
(+1 year of support)
Additional support
(1 year)
Dev-N license (agreement) is suited for companies with limited number of developers using ALGLIB. It offers you following features:
  • one year of technical support (including upgrades)
  • no royalties or distribution fees
License price depends on the number of developers using or intending to use ALGLIB:
    1 developer
570 USD
170 USD (login)
    up to 3 developers
870 USD
260 USD (login)

Company-wide license Commercial license
(+1 year of support)
Additional support
(1 year)
Standard license (agreement) offers you following features:
  • company-wide license with unlimited number of developers
  • one year of technical support (including upgrades)
  • no royalties or distribution fees
1470 USD
490 USD (login)

Non-standard licensing options
Large companies and government entities may benefit from ability to move jurisdiction to Customer's state.

Below you can read our FAQ on commercial license. Feel free to ask your own question!

Privacy policy

This policy covers how we use your personal information. Any information received from you (company name, contact data, etc) will only be used to process your order. We will not sell this information to any third party nor we will use it for excessive advertising or other unethical activities.

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