ALGLIB ALGLIB news 19 Aug 2015 ALGLIB 3.10.0 is released New release of ALGLIB 3.10.0 includes new constrained nonsmooth optimizer, faster k-means, Ward's clustering and improved linear solvers. We also made several stability/bug fixes. <br><br> <a href=''><i>read full report</i></a> 12 Dec 2014 ALGLIB 3.9.0 is released New release of ALGLIB 3.9.0 brings a lot of significant improvements in linear algebra functionality, optimizers/solvers, interpolation/fitting functions! We also made several stability/bug fixes. Most improvements can be used by both commercial and non-commercial users. <br><br> <a href=''><i>read full report</i></a> 13 Aug 2014 ALGLIB Project publishes technical report on StrongNet Our technical report proposes two innovations in the design of neural networks: (a) strong neurons – highly nonlinear/nonsmooth neurons with multiple outputs and (b) mostly unsupervised architecture – backpropagation-free design with all layers except for the last one being trained in a completely unsupervised setting.<br><br> The new neural design (called StrongNet) was tested on a well-known MNIST benchmark... <br><br> <a href=''><i>continue reading at</i></a> 25 Nov 2013 ALGLIB 3.8.2 is released This release was made in less than 3 weeks since previous one, and includes only one improvement in ALGLIB for C++ – better, smoother integration with Intel MKL. Only C++ version of Commercial Edition was changed, and only this change was made, so if you use Free Edition (or anything other than C++), you may ignore this release.<br><br> Following changes were made in ALGLIB distribution model... <br><br> <a href=''><i>continue reading at</i></a> 07 Nov 2013 ALGLIB 3.8.1 is released ALGLIB 3.8.1 is released! This new release of ALGLIB features two major improvements in Commercial Edition: <b>1</b>) C# interface to highly optimized native computational core, <b>2</b>) experimental integration with Intel MKL.<br><br> These changes significantly improve performance of both C# and C++ ALGLIB versions... <br><br> <a href=''><i>continue reading at</i></a> 07 Aug 2013 ALGLIB 3.8.0 is released ALGLIB 3.8.0 was released today! This release includes a lot of performance-related improvements, new features (optimization, data mining, FFT and linear algebra) and bug fixes. It is first release which includes multithreading support (only in Commercial Edition). <br><br> <a href=''><i>continue reading at</i></a> 02 Aug 2013 ALGLIB Project announces changes in product line! ALGLIB Project is going to release ALGLIB 3.8.0 in several days and we are glad to announce changes in our product line! <br><br> <a href=''><i>continue reading at</i></a> 18 Jan 2013 ALGLIB 3.7.0 is released ALGLIB 3.7.0 was released today, with new algorithms and fixes.<br><br> This release includes improved BLEIC optimizer, new neural networks, hierarchical cluster analysis, sparse linear solvers, and many other improvements. <br><br> <a href=''><i>continue reading at</i></a>